Shakespeare behind the cards

William Shakespeare lived in the 16th Century and is still very present in our lives, some 400 years after his death. He left us 38 plays, historic ones, comedies and tragedies and influenced the English language forever.

Tarot is a very illustrated 78 cards game dating back from the 15th Century that first appeared in Italy and then was widely popular in all of Europe except for English speaking countries where the cards were only used for divinatory purposes during the 18th Century and onward.

38 is a common number between Shakespeare and Tarot : number of plays and number of illustrated cards. That's just the excuse I needed to justify my Fluffy Beaver Tarot Card Game inspired by Shakespeare !

Down there, you'll find the 38 cards (and then some..) with just enough of Shakespeare to maybe make you look for more..and want to buy the game to play by the French rules with 2, 3 or 4 friends !

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